Why Do Men Lie

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In virtually every relationship throughout history, the question has been posed “why do men lie?”. While women are historically the gender that change their minds often, are difficult to understand and generally drive men up a wall trying to figure them out, men themselves are the ones who typically tell those tall tales for one reason or another. Understanding why men lie can be difficult at best.

One reason that men lie is to brag. Plain and simple, they want to make themselves, their love lives, their jobs or any other aspect of their lives seem better than it actually is. They may lie about having an intimate relationship with the girl of their dreams when in reality, they are nothing more than casual acquaintance who went on one date that ended badly.

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In a relationship, men often lie to avoid conflict. For instance, a husband or boyfriend may say that they did in fact pay the car insurance bill but in reality, they forgot to do so. They are not lying to cover up anything more than the fact that they are a bit forgetful at times. While they may not have paid the bill when they said they did, chances are that they will pay it as soon as you leave the room. Studies have actually shown that men feel less guilt-ridden after lying than women. Of course, many believe this is because women are more emotional, overly so to some, and therefore have stronger feelings about things that they do that they feel are wrong.

why do men lieSome men lie for nothing more than to get sex. Some tell minor white lies, like they have never seen a more beautiful woman in their lives while others go so far as to make up an elaborate tale that even a two-year old would not believe. Some may say that they are dying of an exotic disease, have only a few weeks to live and many other off the wall lies that will get them what they want.

Some lie just to assure the woman they are with that nothing bad will happen to them if they do engage in sex. For instance, a man may tell a woman that he has had a vasectomy to alleviate her fears of becoming pregnant. Men in general lie to other men in order to make themselves look better. They lie to women to get what they want.

On the lighter side, some men actually tell lies to protect the feelings of others. They may feel that saying something that is not true is much better than the actual truth. They simply want to avoid hurting feelings so they make up something that the woman wants to hear. Every woman in the world has at one time or another asked the loaded question “does this make me look fat?”. A man will often lie just to spare that woman\’s feelings or to avoid the conflict that may come along with a response like “of course it does, because you are fat”.

Men will lie to get out of things that they do not want to do, but to be fair women often do this as well. If a man does not really want to go to his wife’s second cousin’s wedding for instance, he may lie and say that he has to work late. While this lie will not likely cause a detrimental rift in the relationship, it is a lie nonetheless.

For whatever reason men lie, they do and some of them do it often. Women have to stop and consider whether they really want their men to tell them the truth. Do you really want to know that the jeans you just bought, that you absolutely adore, do indeed make you look fat? Do you really want to know that your man would rather spend the evening watching football with his friends as opposed to seeing that new chick flick with you? Probably not, which is why many women let their men get away with those little white lies. They simply prefer their relationships the way they are.

Unfortunately, some men lie about things that can be detrimental and these are the ones that many woman choose to avoid if they can. Lies about cheating, doing drugs or other illegal things or anything that will seriously and permanently harm the trust that builds a relationship are the ones that you want to avoid dealing with. If a man lies just to spare your feelings or otherwise avoid a major conflict, it really is not as bad as it sounds. If a man lies because he is hiding something serious, getting to the root of that lie is essential in preserving the relationship or ending it; whichever is best.

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